58 year-old woman

Jerusalem, All Cities, Israel

Desired Relationship:

Friendship, Dating, Longterm, Marriage, Companionship

Marital Status:


Have Kids:

3+ Not Living with me

Want Kids:

No, but I’d accept my partner’s kids






Definitely not

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Attractive and up beat woman.

About Me

I'm a happy person who feels my life would be enhanced by finding a new life partner who will also be my best friend and lover. Bright and intelligent, well grounded, good listener, loyal friend.

I have a property management/real estate business, where I take care of multi-million dollar properties. I also deal in short term and long term rentals, and sales.

I enjoy intellectual pursuits and audit a number of courses at Hebrew University in the archaeology dept, the passion of my youth.

I believe the purpose of marriage is to have a partner with whom to grow and share the ups and downs of life with. I have a good sense of humor and am kind, playful and laid back ... after all I'm from LA.

I'm touched when a man treats me like a lady, opens the door, etc... it's so unexpected in this day and age.

I love whitewater rafting... I think it's a blast. I love the sound of the waves crashing in the beach and think going to sleep to their sound is both romantic and soothing. I recently went to a live basketball game with my sons ... had a great time ... I also enjoy professional baseball when in the US.

I like to read, and usually have at least one or two books next to my bed or on my iPad.

I enjoy going out to the movies, live theater, classical concerts, opera, museums and dancing. I love art museums and when I travel they are at the top of my list.

I grew up in a community oriented family and I have been on the board of the JFA (Jerusalem Fund for ALYN Hospital) for many years.

I spent the past 18+ years raising my 4 children, mostly on my own. They are finally all adults and more or less independent. At the moment I'm an empty nester ... and open to meeting someone new to share my life with.

I would like to share my life with

First and foremost I am looking for a well educated gentleman who will be my best friend and life partner, with whom I can walk side by side in this life journey... who will respect me and my opinions as well as share his advice, who is loving, generous, kind and nurturing. A man of integrity who has good values and character. Someone who likes me "just the way you are" and is a family man - who is interested in blending our two families. I appreciate a man with a good sense of humor, and sees the lighter side of life. Someone I can grow with and grow old with. I would expect that he has his own career that gives him satisfaction. We have a traditional home, so someone who enjoys shabbat and holidays, would fit right in. He could be a little more or less religious than myself. I am open to going out with men from anywhere in the world but he should be fluent in English with a somewhat similar background.

A little about Jody

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
It's pretty central as it dictates the values by which we live on a daily basis as well as the calendar and life cycle.

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
Living in Israel and raising 4 wonderful kids has given my life meaning and purpose over the past 29+ years but my life would be fuller if I had someone special to share it with.

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Financial/Accounting/Insurance/Real Estate

My Occupation in my Words:

property management and real estate

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