39 year-old woman

Miami, Florida, USA

Desired Relationship:

Friendship, Dating, Marriage

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Definitely not

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About Me

I am elegant, femenine, and exotically beautiful. I'm sweet, smart, I love life and sharing, passion, and laughter. I like to keep life simple, and take every day and make the best of it, and use it for my growth. I think that beauty on the outside is a reflection of the beauty within. I beleive in living my life with moral values and integrity. I think all of us can give a little to create a better world. I love animals and nature, traveling, dancing and Aerobics, having a social life, I am a people's person but in my line of work it is difficult to meet real people with values, that's why I placed this ad.

I would like to share my life with

I am looking for a secure, complete man, a man who loves life and makes me laught and love! Are you an attractive, accomplished, and wordly gentleman, wanting the best of life, keeping it simple and still appreciate life's simple pleasures. Friendship for me is essential, a man who has crossed over the boundaries to be himself, is sensitive, caring, honest, giving, and who has worked on his own fears to open himself to receive. An elegant man, who enjoys a gracious lifestyle and loves international travel. I am looking to meet an exceptional man, who is looking for an exceptional woman...

A little about Stephanie

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
I studied all my life in a jewish school in Mexico City, I'm not very religious but spiritual , i would say I'm a traditional jew. I love the jewish family traditions

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
Helping others. Being a voice for the voiceless! I think we should all treat others like we want them to treat us. It would be a better world. Do good deeds and mitzvot.

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Entertainment/Media/Dramatic Arts

My Occupation in my Words:

journalist- talent manager- special events-P.R-publicity -promotions



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