51 year-old man

New York, New York, USA

Desired Relationship:

Friendship, Dating, Longterm, Marriage, Companionship

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Have Kids:

1 Not Living with me






Definitely not

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About Me

I am a divorced Hebrew school principal/teacher, businessman and artist.

I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, camping, animals, nature, gardening, reading, music, and antique cars. I had been teaching for 16 yrs. and enjoy sharing what I've learned about Torah and Yiddishkeit to children. I teach adult education as well.

I love animals, especially dogs. I camp all summer and cook out and bake challahs on an open fire. I have various business dealings and have sold my art work (sculptures of dripped wax).

I consider myself a good communicator and love to listen as well. I enjoy laughing, as well as singing, and am looking to do all the above with that special somone.

I would like to share my life with

I am looking for someone who is Modern Orthodox, a Baal Teshuva, or willing to strengthen her Jewishness by keeping kosher, observing the Sabbath and enjoying the holidays; someone who possesses the same hobbies and interests and who will like to settle down in marriage and have children.

A little about Richard

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
Judaism wakes me up in the morning and gets me through the night. I thank G-d for blessing me with a Jewish heritage! I love being Jewish!

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Keep Kosher:


Attend Synagogue:


Observe Shabbat:


Willing to Relocate:

For the right person

Activity level:

Very Active


Education/Teaching/Child Care

My Occupation in my Words:

teacher/business man/artist

Annual Income:

85 - 100 K



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