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59 year-old man

Tel Aviv, All Cities, Israel

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i am an artist/writer/thinker deeply rooted in jewish themes while seeking connection to the universal. my life has had its share of bizarre twists and turns. i grew up in the states but came here by myself when i was 16. i have always been highly independent and remain apart from the mainstream. although here in israel even that often means very particular things , i assure you i do not fit easily into any category. to understand this you will need to get to know me. i am very easygoing, friendly and giving but am particular when it comes to my choice of partner. . please have a picture to show if you contact me! thank you.

I would like to share my life with

Someone who is intellectual, creative, sensitive to religion and spirituality but not dogmatically religious, someone who can be close but still remain independent. i like strong and independent women with a good sense of self and of humor; however, kindness and caring are important qualities, as well. i am most interested in finding a companion for the long term but i am in no rush. if we hit it off and can enjoy each other that will be fine for me.

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sofer, calligrapher, teacher, writer


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