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About Me

Every aspect of my life is informed by emuna, through which I have come to be a resolutely equable man, resiliently going with HaShem's flow as it unfolds in all its wildly unpredictable glory. However, at times, I do possess a more intense attitude.

No matter, I do not feel any inherent tension in these apparently contradictory aspects. After all, it's a bad musician who plays only one tune. I simply prefer to reserve my fervor for appropriate times and appropriate causes - I refuse to spend my emotional capital on the empty goods of the material world. Expect to see my passion when it comes to issues that affect my family, my community, or klal Yisroel. Whether impassive or impassioned, what is of utmost importance to me is being genuinely b'simchah about all in life, especially those events which seemingly defy human reasoning. I would require of any partner the commitment to approach life with a similar attitude.

My spiritual, intellectual, and physical interests are eclectic. Thankfully, observant Judaism allows true integration of all aspects of life. While I find sublime pleasure in my daily Torah studies, I've also spent a considerable amount of time enjoying the vast array of cultural amenities available in New York, and have never lost my drive for athletic competition. Far from detracting from my spiritual life, these cultural and athletic activities keep me balanced and energized, only enhancing my ability to serve HaShem. In general, even though I do have a wide range of interests, I always enjoy meeting people who can introduce me to their own enthusiasms.

RANT: I feel compelled to state that I am extremely dubious of any attempt to divide Jews by conveniently labeling us with gross generalizations such as "Modern Orthodox, " "Yeshivish, " etc. Simply put, my guiding philosophy is this: while living within (and yes, often even enjoying) the secular Western milieu, I am earnestly trying to adhere to, and grow vigorously by, the truth of Torah. Towards this, I take inspiration and counsel from the halachic interpretations and customs of the Vilna Gaon.

I would like to share my life with

Above all, I am looking for a true Ishah Chashuvah. Together, we will build a proper dwelling for HaShem - a home built upon kedusha, tahara, and tzniut.

The qualities I most value are richness of heart, beauty of character, sophistication of discernment, and agility of intellect.

It is imperative I find a woman who lives by a genuine appreciation of what it means to be tzniut: that true modesty, compassion, and humility can ONLY come from strength, commmittment, and self-will. Naturally coming from such substance is the dignified bearing that I find so attractive.

As to more specific preferences, while open-minded and of broad tastes, I am not willing to compromise on three things: a love of children, a sense of humor, and a working knowledge of the Chevrolet small-block V8...Okay, if I must, I'm willing to settle for two of those three.

A little about Avraham Reuven

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
A central, all-encompassing role. Every occurrence is seen through the lens of Torah, every action is sanctified through the dictates of HaShem.

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
Torah, Mitzvot, and Ahavat Yisroel!

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Orthodox - Baal Teshuva

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Every Shabbat

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Commodity Futures Trader

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