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54 year-old man

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Dating, Longterm, Marriage

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Single, Never Married

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Artsy Techie Guy Eli (Qualified Profiles Preferred; Non-Qualified, Legit Profiles Too... ;) )

About Me

Making a quiet, but profound impact on the planet. How, you might ask? By building search engine-friendly websites - particularly Jewish websites - that are seen by hundreds of thousands each year worldwide. I feel energized by the knowledge that I can make a big impact on the understanding of Judaism to all other cultures who visit my websites, with the everlasting hope that perhaps the opinions of other cultures will either be clarified, enhanced, or in fact changed following a visit or visits to my websites. In fact, I have received plenty of e-mails over the years from people who told me how their view of Judaism has changed for the better after visiting my websites. To me, that is making a subtle but effective impact on the world. I learned on my own how to build search engine-friendly websites, and I am seeing the impact this has been having worldwide, at least in the world wide web world! :)

I would like to share my life with

A woman happy with what she is doing - as you clearly see I am - a woman whose fundamental character consists of high self-esteem, personal integrity towards herself and others, a woman who is 100% available, meaning no hanging on to past relationships while in a current relationship, a woman who manages her life well and doesn't take on more than she can handle, and a woman who at least has some similar extracurricular interests with me. I would also like a university-educated woman and it would also help that this woman has done some travelling in her life to various countries as I have, to gain a broader perspective on other cultures vis-A?-vis our own here in Canada. Fiscal responsibility, constructive communication skills, and flexibility in relationship issues are a must in my opinion in order to create a solid foundation in a relationship which would then be a basis for the long-term.

A little about Eli

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
In later childhood, I went to Hebrew school for a few years, but was not really religious I.E. observant, except for observing the festivals/holidays with at least a minimum amount of participation. This continued until I went to Israel in the summer of 1980 and learned about my own family heritage, which included many rabbis and even one who was a Gaon (Talmudic genius) and is buried in a rabbinical section on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Since then, I have become much more interested in the historical origins of the Jewish holidays and have even created a large Pesach website which in the past has been mentioned in a column by the Canadian Jewish News, with more websites concerning Judaism on the way. So, in all, I have grown to be knowledgeable in Jewish history through my interest in the festivals/holidays in the Jewish calendar and as such, I still practice Judaism in the traditional holiday-observing manner but now with a greater knowledge of the origins and general customs of each holiday/festival, both Ashkenazic and Sephardic, as well as Mizrahi.

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
Personal Development - emotionally, intellectually/mentally, physically and spiritually. An internally enhanced person enables me to be an even better person to others. :)

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To some degree

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I have a small company that specializes in building search engine-friendly websites and markets them


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