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55 year-old man

New York, New York, USA

Desired Relationship:

Friendship, Dating, Longterm, Marriage, Companionship

Marital Status:

Single, Never Married

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Definitely not

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Not lost, just looking, and confident that somewhere out there is my better half:-)

About Me

I love nature, books, art, music, the study of culture and tradition and the history of great ideas . . . I'm as at home in a museum in NY as I am in a kayak . . . I enjoy good movies, good humor and good friends, but I also enjoy a deep philosophical discussion . . .

So far life has been a wondrous adventure, and my work full of excitement and challenge and controversy (controversy of a healthy sort; have always been a bit of a maverick) but what would make it all the more special is someone special to share it with . . .

I would like to share my life with

A kind and gentle soul, intelligent, generous, pretty, thoughtful of others, hopefully with some interests similar to my own . . . She has a strong Jewish identity and at the same time appreciates the beauty of different cultures . . . She also has to laugh at my jokes.

A little about David

What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
I am not especially religious, but am inspired by the nobility of our history, and love our texts and heritage. For me strict observance is not essential, but an appreciation for the greatness of our history and way of life is.

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
Learning for me is a passion; finding a way to impart what Ia��ve found brings some measure of fulfillment. If I can hone whatever talent I may have to do that, thata��s part of the joy. If Ia��m able to help make someone elsea��s life more meaningful, that brings me the greatest meaning of all. The best things Ia��ve ever done for myself have in some way brought happiness to someone else. Each day I see the sunrise is another chance to try to reach that . . . The mountains, the fresh air, and warm connections with family and friends renew me.

Details about David
Religious Orientation:


Keep Kosher:

To some degree

Attend Synagogue:


Observe Shabbat:


Willing to Relocate:

For the right person

Activity level:

Very Active



My Occupation in my Words:

Curator/consultant/lecturer/ writer

Annual Income:



No pets

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