Qualified Profile

Qualified Profile

Stand Out From The Crowd

Qualify Your Profile Today!

Are you marriage minded?

Looking for your Bashert?


We at Jmatch .com are proud to offer you a special and unique service in which we qualify you as a person looking for a meaningful relationship , leading to marriage.

As a qualified member you will enjoy the following:

1 - A personal phone interview with our matchmaker and love coach Mrs. Devora Alouf, who will encourage, inspire and guide you towards finding your Bashert.

2 - A comprehensive profile review, with tips and advice on improving your presence on www.jmatch.com

3 - An Icon placed on your profile indicating your special status as a qualified member.

Mrs. Devora Alouf

Love Is Priceless, And You Are Worth It!

For more info, please email Mrs. Devora Alouf at: devora@jmatch.com


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