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Jewish Singles With Special Needs ( is an independent 501(c)(3) , non-profit organization. Tax ID: 65-1134716

About JSWSN:

Our sages say that finding a mate is as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea. For a person with a disability it can feel like mission impossible. According to Jewish tradition, each soul has another soul created by Hashem, waiting for them to connect to each other.

Based on our commitment to the tradition of Tzadaka, our mission to facilitate connections among Jewish people with disabilities is far reaching. To that end, operates Jewish Singles With Special Needs, ( completely free of charge. As a result of our efforts, Jewish singles with disabilities who face many challenges are no longer alone. We believe that Everyone Deserves Love. We help people with disabilities make meaningful connections, find their soul-mates, communicate with other like- minded singles who share similar challenges.

Meet Devora Alouf

Mrs. Devora Alouf

Devora is the driving force, love coach and matchmaker behind numerous online and real world Jewish singles' ventures. Her goal in life is to help people and to create as many Jewish families as possible. And to that end she uses old fashion Shadchan methods, as well as state of the art technology.

The service for Jewish singles with disabilities was created in the year 2002, thanks to her tireless efforts and her belief that "No Jew is too small, No effort too big, No result insignificant" - The Rebbe

In our ever-growing list of goals, we have set out to achieve are:

Creating a world class, user friendly and technologically advanced matchmaking portal at our existing website:

Spreading the word to the Jewish community at large. Reaching out to people with disabilities all over the globe.

Add languages such as Hebrew, French and Spanish to the site, Add more services and resources for the disabled Jewish community. Using the virtual world to promote other services that are helping people with special needs.

Create and promote a fundraising system for development and services for people with special needs.

To request additional information and to learn how you can help, please contact Mrs. Devora Alouf at:

Our Address:

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Jewish Singles with Special Needs Inc.

C/O  AC Bergman CPA

7451 W Oakland Park Blvd, suite B

Lauderhill FL, 33319


We hope that your kindness and generosity will be returned to you in whatever form you desire.

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